Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a web site anyway?

Nowadays a business really needs a site, it is expected and you cannot afford not to have one really

What makes your company different?

As well as having a wealth of expertise, our company policy is to be reliable, open and honest. We know how important communication is.

Can you do everything?

We are a "one-stop-shop". In other words we do everything from sorting out your domain name, to providing hosting, updates, search engine optimisation and we can even design your corporate documents, such as business cards if you want us to. We won't bore you with incomprehensible tech talk, but will be down to earth and offer proactive advice.

What kind of sites do you build?

We have a small team of designers and developers, who enjoy tackling any project. We love to design good looking, clean and simple sites that stand out from the crown. We also build content-management systems, which allow you to update your own site

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